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Kuldip Rajo

 Kuldip Rajo

Kuldip Rajo was brought up in a Sikh family and found faith in Jesus Christ as a teenager through local Christians who befriended him. After a number of years as an executive in the Midland Bank, Kuldip entered full-time Christian service in 1989 in order to reach his fellow Asian people with the love of Christ. He is married to Vashi and they have two sons, Sanjay and Anil.

1. Why is Jesus important to you?
Having been brought up in a Sikh family, the free offer of forgiveness of my sins and a relationship with God that Jesus gives is a message that I have found nowhere else. Jesus’s words speak life into heart and mind. His example of how to live brings a daily challenge. He gives me a hope and purpose not only for this life but also for the next.

2. How did your faith begin?
I’ve never had problems with the existence of God, which I guess can be put down to my upbringing. But as a teenager, the big questions of life literally began to haunt me. Why am I here? What happens when you die? How do you qualify for heaven, if it exists?

In my search, I asked these questions at home to my devout and very lovely Sikh parents, and to my friends who were Christians. In a nutshell, what I was told at home was that if I live a good life and receive the Sikh initiation, then maybe I will escape the cycle of reincarnation. These ifs and maybes left me unsettled. When I heard that by accepting Jesus I can be forgiven, and should I die I would go to be with God forever, this seemed right in my heart and my faith in Jesus began.

3. Have you ever found faith hard to keep?
The pressure at home after I became a Christian was immense, and as I got older the temptation to be like my friends, clubbing and womanising, often made faith a struggle. Looking back, I thank God for keeping me from walking away. Today, at one level I have no difficulty in believing that Jesus is the only way to know God, but following him with the whole of my being is a daily struggle.

4. What does believing in Jesus mean to your everyday life?
Whether I am at home or out, I belong to him and I seek to live a life that pleases him. Of course, that doesn’t mean I always succeed, but this is my aim. In all the decisions I make, through prayer, I seek his will. I look for opportunities to tell others, particularly my own countryfolk, of the wonderful gift of life that Jesus offers.

5. What encouragement would you give someone looking for faith?
Above all other issues in life, this is number one. I would encourage everyone, from every religious and ethnic background, to seek God in truth and sincerity. He is not far away. Look at the offer Jesus makes and accept it. You won’t find anything better.

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