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18/07/12 | Posted by HughB

A “humiliating shambles” is how a panel of MPs has described the provision of security for the 2012 Olympics. The chief executive of the company contracted to provide that security tried to get away with simply acknowledging that “it’s not where we’d want to be” but eventually and rather reluctantly admitted that he couldn’t disagree with them. Perhaps an extreme case but I bet we can all think of times when we feel that we have been let down.

 Security Guard

Waiting in for a delivery- or workman who never turns up, opening a packet to find the chocolate bar seems much smaller than the one in the advert, jobs getting only half done, discovering that a hotel or venue looks nothing like the brochure. I could go on and I am sure that you could add more to the list.

Like the last blog, I suppose that this comes down to a matter of integrity but I fear that the losers are all of us. Being let down by different people creates in us attitudes of cynicism and distrust. We enter into agreements not expecting them to be met by the other person or perhaps feeling that we don’t have to keep our side of the bargain. The focus of our dealings then becomes getting the agreement, not fulfilling it. And might I suggest that the danger is that we carry those ‘qualities’ not just into our commerce but into our relationships with one another.

Ever practical, Jesus gave us plenty of advice on the matter of integrity and honesty, which can probably be summarised in part of his Sermon on the Mount when he told his listeners that they should not need to swear an oath:

“Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No’: anything beyond this comes from the evil one”
(Matthew 5:37).

In Matthew 21: 28-31, he also told a brief tale of two sons being asked by their father to help him in the vineyard. One says that he will but doesn’t turn up while the other refuses but then does help. In some ways he is touching on the same subject but here he is not referring tour relationships with one another but rather our relationship with God.

I often hear the phrase, “I’m a Christian, just not a practising one” and I wonder what that really means and who the people that say it think that they are kidding.

As the cliché goes, it is pretty easy to ‘talk the talk’ and sometimes in our dealings with one another we can get away with simply doing that but Jesus wants us to ‘walk the walk’ too and there is no getting away with not delivering the goods with him.

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